Learn Jainism


Learn Jainism books

The Institute of Jainology has begun publishing a 'Learn Jainism' series to support the material on the Learn Jainism website.

So far, two books have been published:

The books are for children between the ages of around five to eleven. The books are illustrated with colour photographs and pictures, and use simple language and ideas to help children understand.

Older children can read by themselves while younger children will enjoy listening to the books being read aloud. Young readers and listeners will get the most out of the experience if they discuss the books with a teacher or parent and visit the Learn Jainism website.

Further books in the series will include publications on architecture and art.

Working with the website

The books can be read and enjoyed alone, but young readers and listeners will get the most out of them by visiting the Learn Jainism website too.

This rich online resource works alongside the books to provide a more rounded experience by offering:

All of these resources aim to use fun to deepen children's understanding of the ideas introduced and explained in the books.