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Discover Jainism

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Discover Jainism is the first book in the 'Learn Jainism' series from the Institute of Jainology.

Aimed at young people, it is an introduction to the lives of Jains in Britain and India, and explains some basic ideas of the Jain faith.

The book is illustrated with full-colour photography, including images from the Jain collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Quizzes, games and activities on the Learn Jainism website have been developed to accompany this book.

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Who are the Jains?

What do they believe in?

How do they worship?

Do they go on pilgrimage?

Are there Jain monks and nuns?

Find out the answers to all of these and many other questions about the Jains in this fascinating book. This is the first book on the ancient Indian faith of Jainism written especially for children.

Each part of the book deals with a different aspect of Jain life and beliefs. There are also suggestions about how to find out more about the Jains by looking at recommended websites and visiting museums and other places of interest.

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