Learn Jainism


Where to buy

You can buy copies of the Jain Tales and Discover Jainism books in different ways.

If you have bulk orders of more than 20 books, you can contact us directly.

Otherwise, you can choose how to purchase smaller orders, depending on where you are.

If you are in the UK

Many schools, local authorities and Jain organisations have copies so perhaps you can check with your nearest one.

For example, you can contact Young Jains UK.

Email: kewal@youngjains.org.uk

Buying online

If you are in India

You can contact Jain organisations or buy direct from Manish Modi in Mumbai.

You can get in touch with him in the following ways:

Email: manishymodi@gmail.com

Telephone: 2382 6739

Hindi Granth Karyalay
9 Hirabaug, C P Tank
Mumbai 400 004