Learn Jainism



Learning about a variety of faiths is part of the National Curriculum for England and Wales. This dedicated JAINpedia education resource holds downloadable teaching materials to help primary-school teachers create interesting lessons that explore the Jain religion and cultural traditions.

As well as incorporating the content of the old Learn Jainism site, the new Learn Jainism website also features specially commissioned material and short videos explaining how to use the materials.

Learn Jainism is part of the larger JAINpedia project, which was set up to:

  • digitise approximately 5000 pages from Jain manuscripts
  • host a programme of exhibitions and events
  • provide a digital space for contemporary Jains to communicate, called Jain Spirit
  • create a dedicated educational interface for schools and learners
  • deliver a learning programme for schools.

JAINpedia is a project of the Institute of Jainology.