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Other JAINpedia websites

There are three related yet standalone websites planned in the JAINpedia project. Although they can all be accessed from one another, they cater to different audiences.

This website, called Learn Jainism, is the education site created for both young children and teachers who lead classes in Jainism in England and Wales.

The JAINpedia website is a digital encyclopaedia, which provides rich material to help a general audience understand the Jain faith and heritage. It offers features such as original articles, digitised manuscripts, a timeline, glossary items, an e-Library and more.

The community website of Jain Spirit is a dynamic online space for Jains in the UK and elsewhere. This will launch shortly so make sure you check the blog to find out when....

Finally, the JAINpedia blog supports the project by supplying updates of project news and events.

JAINpedia website

The website JAINpedia.org is the centrepiece of the JAINpedia project. It has three principal aims, which are to:

  1. increase knowledge of their heritage among Jains
  2. raise the profile of Jainism among non-Jains
  3. offer academic resources.

These goals are met by creating several areas in the website. Each piece is closely integrated with other parts, producing a seamlessly rich online experience.

There are two chief types of content in the JAINpedia website proper – images and contextual material.

JAINpedia content

There are two chief types of content in the JAINpedia website – images and contextual material.

At the heart of JAINpedia are the archival-quality digital photographs of selected items from leading cultural and research institutions in the UK. These digitised gems of Jain collections have been acquired by the Institute of Jainology from the JAINpedia content partners.

The contextual material helps JAINpedia website visitors to understand more about the photographs of the manuscripts. Currently, it is made up of:

  • the encyclopaedia, containing high-quality original articles
  • manuscript descriptions, including translations and reading lists
  • a glossary
  • reading lists
  • media items
  • suggested websites
  • the e-Library, holding digital versions of books and Jain Spirit magazines
  • a chronology
  • an interactive timeline.

JAINpedia blog

The blog offers details of upcoming events in the Jain community that are related to the JAINpedia project. Examples include festival celebrations at partner institutions, cultural events at museums and volunteer workshops.

It provides information on exhibitions staged at JAINpedia partner institutions and quick updates on project news, such as what's new on JAINpedia.org. You can also read the archive of previous blogs.

You can sign up to two separate things via the blog.

First, if you are interested in taking part in JAINpedia events as a volunteer you can complete a volunteer form at the blog.

Secondly, if you would like to receive emails about JAINpedia news and events you need to sign up at the blog. Simply fill in the fields in the right-hand column and click 'Subscribe'. Then you will receive the next Jain Spirit e-newsletter.

The JAINpedia blog can be found at http://blog.jainpedia.org or you can get to it via the link on the Learn Jainism homepage.