Learn Jainism


Image bank

You can download the photographs and pictures in this section of the website, to use for activities in the classroom or at home.

The Image bank is arranged into the four themes of:

These have been selected to be used in activities to accompany the Discover Jainism book. However, you can use the pictures in any project on the Jain faith.

There is also a special gallery of teaching images of the items found in the Resource box for teachers of Jainism.

How to download images

It's easy to download the images!

Simply follow these steps to download your chosen picture or pictures.

  1. Browse through the themed slideshows to find the picture you want
  2. Click on the 'download' symbol below
  3. You will see a large version of the picture in a new browser window
  4. Right-click your mouse and select the option 'Save image as'
  5. You can choose where to save the picture on your computer and what to call the file
  6. The picture will download and you can use it how you want.