Learn Jainism


Lesson plans

We have created a set of lesson plans for religious education classes on Jainism. Each unit contains a lesson plan, activity ideas and worksheets.

You can download the lesson plans from the bottom of the page.

Introduction to Jainism and Lord Mahavira

The first unit in this series provides the children with a brief overview of what Jainism is and where it is found today before looking at the story of Lord Mahavira.

Jain teachings

This unit looks at the central teachings of Jainism – the 'three jewels' and the 'five vows'. These give your class an insight into what Jains believe about life.

Jain scriptures, symbols and myths

This lesson considers the Jain holy texts and the importance of different Jain symbols and myths.

Jain worship, sects and festivals

This lesson plan looks at how and where Jains worship, the different sects within the faith and the festivals Jains celebrate.

Jain beliefs: karma and reincarnation

The final unit examines the key Jain beliefs of the soul, karma and the cycle of birth and death.

Downloadable resources