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Resource box

The JAINpedia Resource Box contains objects that tell you more about the Jain faith. It can be used in the classroom or anywhere you want young people to find out more about the Jain faith.

You can buy the Resource Box by contacting us.

Watch the video to find out how best to use the Resource Box.

Download descriptions of the objects in the box from the bottom of the page to make the most of them with your class.

Go to the Image bank and download pictures of the items in the box.

Contents of the box

The JAINpedia Resource Box contains models and items to use in class and group activities, copies of the Learn Jainism books and lesson plans to make the most of your box.

Contents of JAINpedia Resource Box
model of Mahavira statue model of Svetambara monk
model of Svetambara nun model of wooden tripod
small rosary beads small piece of white cloth
small cotton broom model of begging bowls
stickers of the Jain emblem prayer mat
'Discover Jainism' book picture of a temple
'Jain Tales' book five lesson plans

Full descriptions of the objects are given in the PDF below. You will need Adobe Reader to use PDFs.

Downloadable resources