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'Jain Tales' notes

These notes have been specially produced for teachers to use in the classroom alongside the Jain Tales book.

The notes aim to help teachers teach Jainism effectively and in fun ways so that children:

  • improve their reading comprehension
  • enhance their writing skills
  • work on colour and artistic skills.

All the notes can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.

You will need Adobe Reader to use the PDF documents. You can download the free software from the Adobe website.

Another point of view

This exercise can help with both reading and writing comprehension.

All of the stories in Jain Tales are written from the point of view of the narrator. One way of deepening a pupil’s understanding of a story is to see if they can see the same story from another perspective.

Ask your pupils to rewrite one of the stories in Jain Tales from the point of view of one of the main characters. Make sure that different groups of pupils choose different characters. When their stories have been completed, this can lead to a discussion about how changes in viewpoint can change a story.

Cloze test

Cloze tests are a popular way of judging pupils' understanding of the text and of extending their vocabulary. We have provided you with an extract from the story of ‘Monkey and Sugari’ with several words blocked out. There is also the untouched extract so that you can see what the original words were.

Colouring-in sheets

Download and print these illustrations from the book. Children can enjoy colouring in and learning about the queen's dreams.

Downloadable resources for 'Jain Tales'